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I can’t get this show out of my mind! 
The 1975 @ optimus Alive Portugal 2014


My life now is just a string of surreal situations strung together by me telling people about surreal situations, but you know what? The thing that really inspires me is the fact that kids like our ideas and that’s bleeding into humanity. You see kids at our shows…you can see when we play their song. And it’s that moment that I care about. That’s what really, really gets to me. We didn’t need any kind of statistical validation to be more proud of our record, because that shit’s been out there since day one. - Matty Healy

NYC 2014 | Larufoto


// you try chasing dreams, man it’s harder than it seems //

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"You can’t really control the way that you feel when you listen to music."

- Matty Healy, The 1975 (via find-the-1975)


Matty and George 

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